Smith Mountian Lake 10/03/2008

Well, we started later in the morning than we initially planed. The plan was to be on the water just after day break. However, we didn't get on the water until about 9:45Am. Armed with 1/32 and 1/16 jigs as well as 3 dozen minnows we shoved off.

  We promptly headed for a dock that was about 5 minutes away from the the marina (Magnum Point). As usual, we put out slip bobber rigs to work while we jigged the dock. I had my bobber set to about 18 feet. I think Tony started his out set around 6 feet. The depth finder showed us to be in 25 feet of water. Yeah, Smith Mountain Lake has some docks that are in deep water! We decided to cast jigs while the minnows did their thing.

  I started out throwing a 2 inch Berkly's Power Grub.Tony started with a tube jig. We started hitting a few small fish after shooting the jigs under the dock and working them back to the boat. Not much size to the fish though they were a lot of fun. The minnows started producing also, but the fish were also small. We decided to move around the shore line to see about that bite.

  I continued to throw my power grub and finally connected with a 14 inch crappie. It seemed like the crappie were a little scattered around and not in large schools.

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