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Smith Mountain Lake continued

  As soon as he was rigged up, he started up the boat and headed us to the opposite side of the cove. I should have known that there was no way Tony was going to put me on fish while he still had to rig up. I know he thought he was going to catch me without a slip bobber rig but he was wrong. I had one rod rig that way just incase I couldn't get the jigs to do the trick.


He put us so close to shore, I could have jumped to shore with no problem. Tony's bobber went under almost immediately. That one went 16 or 17 inches! I had a minnow under a float before he could get his fish in the live well. We worked that side of the cove for most of the morning. We caught just about a limit of slab size crappie! I did manage to get a few on jigs, but the majority of the fish were caught using minnows or minnas as Tony calls them.

  Since then, we have learned how to find other coves that held the same size fish. In my next blog, I'll tell you what type of coves we look for when we are fishing for slab size crappie in the spring.

Tony's side of the story

Well now, you have heard from my friend Roscoe often referred to as Gumby on the water, and based on what he wrote I will say he was paying attention. Let's start with that part about an early start. No need to be there at the crack of dawn when you fishing during the cold months. The only reason we left as early as we did was to mess with Gumby, if I had taken my Dad on that trip we would left a couple hours later.

  Well the reason I don't worry about getting there early in late winter or early spring. I am waiting on the water to heat up. Now I think most fisherman that read a little realize that there are temp ranges that will attract or hold active crappie. I guess I could tell you the range, but not just yet. I need to talk about this slip bobber and the boat being so close to the bank. Gumby was right; I had the boat about four feet from the bank. Now this bank was pretty much a rock ledge. Its two things I look for Rocks or Muddy water. Both of these areas will heat up faster that the rest of the lake. Darker colors absorb heat Muddy Water and Rocks hold heat, which makes both areas a prime crappie spots.

  Now Gumby noticed that I was using that slip bobber, but I did sneak one thing over on him. I was reading my fish finder to determine what dept I wanted my minnow at. You see the boat was just about on the bank because I was following a creek bed that was right beside those nice warm rocks. Now all I had to do was drop that minnow right on the ledge of that creek bed closest to the bank and it's Slab Time. Now let's see if Gumby picked up on when and why we ended up switching to jigs and what other things I was doing.

  If you have some fishing stories to share, send them to me here and I'll post them. Also if you have pictures of your catch, send them in. I'm in the process of creating a photo / brag board.

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