Selecting The Right Rod

The difference between having a good day and excellent day crappie fishing can depend on using the right rod. Maybe I should say, the right rod for the type of fishing you are doing. For example, the ideal rod to use for shooting jigs under docks is different from say a rod used for trolling. This article will list the attributes I like in a good rod used for casting jigs for crappie.

  Most of my rods are 6'6". I'm six foot tall and this size rod seems to fit me perfect. Generally, the longer the rod, the farther you can cast. If you are taller, you may feel more comfortable with a 7 foot or even longer rod. Conversely, if you are shorter you may handle a 6 foot or shorter rod better. As for material, I opt for graphite. Usually IM6 or higher. Most of my rods are IM7 or IM8. The graphite allows you to feel the lightest bite. Besides the graphite content, there is also the rod action to consider. Rod action is usually listed as "Extra fast", "Fast", "Medium", and "Slow". An extra fast rod is very resistant to bending. In other words, it's really stiff. At the other end of the spectrum is the slow rod which is easily bent. Very whippy is the term I like to use. For years I used extra fast rods because I felt that I got the best sense of feel with them. I still feel that I get the best sense of feel from them. However, after loosing untold amounts of crappie because they tore the jig out of their mouths, I've switched to using a medium action rod for crappie. I still can feel the light bites and I don't loose anywhere near the amount of fish I hook. Now the rod acts as a shock absorber and the crappie can't tear the jigs out. Last but not least. Make sure the rod you choose is designed to cast lures in the 1/64 ounce to 1/4 ounce range. You don't want a rod that is designed to throw 1/2 ounce are larger jigs. One other thing I almost left out, get a rod with ceramic eyes if you plane on using any of the supper lines. Believe it or not, they can wear through metallic eyes!

These are a few of the things that I've found that have made a big difference in increasing the number of crappie I catch. I'm sure that you will catch more fish by selecting a rod using these guide lines. The rod is only one factor in catching crappie. The type of line, reel, and lures you use are also important.

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