Finding And Catching Fall Crappie

Early fall is one of the best times of the year for catching large numbers of crappie. The crappie will be gorging on shad or minnows getting ready for the winter. They will hit a jig or minnow very aggressively this time of year.

  If the lake you fish has a large population of shad, you can bet the big crappie will be feeding on them.   I like to look for schools of shad and make a note of what dept they are swimming.  I don’t necessarily fish for crappie where I see the shad.  I just want to know the depth they are hanging out.  The shad can be anywhere from the surface down to 30 feet or so.  Once I know the depth the shad are holding, I try to find crappie structure that is at least as deep as the depth that the shad are holding.  Usually I can find three or four good looking locations.

  Down trees at the bend of a creek channel are some of the best areas to fish for crappie.  The mouths of creeks are also good locations.  Don’t get caught up only looking for trees and brush in the water.  Crappie love brush and trees, but they will hold in the mouth of a creek if the shad are moving in and out of the area.  Don’t overlook boat docks.  Especially the deep water docks!  One of my best spots is a dock that has an old pontoon boat in it and 20 feet of water at the end of it.

  I start at the best looking location first.  If I’m using live bait (minnows), I set my slip bobber to the same depth that the shad were holding.  I also try tossing a jig and working it at the same depth.  If I don’t get any action, I move to the next location.  This technique has not failed me yet.  In fact, I usually don’t have to move to more than one or two locations before I’m loading the boat. I will sometimes move if I’m only catching small crappie.  Sometimes changing locations will get you bigger fish.

  Don’t miss out on one of the best times to catch numbers of crappie.  Get your rod and go jack a few jaws!

  I hope this helps you in finding and catching more crappie. please feel free to join the new crappie forum and leave tips or ask questions.

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